The Family Altar

Possibly the most important piece of furniture in your home.
Colonial Style Altars
Beautiful Family Altar handmade of  solid oak wood like the one shown above for
only $129.00
Our Colonial style altars are absolutely beautiful and stylish.  They are elegant and each piece is handturned by our Amish craftsmen and will look wonderful in your home.  The Colonial style altars are designed with a beautiful handmade cross in the center and are 36" in length, 24"in height and 6" in width.  You can choose the cross like shown to the right or one like on the Mission style altar above.  You can purchase a Colonial style in solid oak, cherry, walnut, pine, or cedar.  Other wood choices are available upon request.  Your altar will be built especially for you and your family will be in our prayers as we build your altar.  Many other families are already being blessed in their prayer life from one of our Family Altars and your family can be one of those also.  Order your Family Altar today by going to the contact page!
A Family Altar will alter your family!
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