The Family Altar

Possibly the most important piece of furniture in your home.
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 Each altar that we offer is made of solid wood and only by the most skilled Amish craftsmen.  The beauty of solid oak, walnut, cherry, cedar and pine is in part due to the natural variations in wood grain and coloring.  Variations in grain and color add to each altar and each will have its own characteristics.  These variations are particularly evident when you choose natural or a light stain.

The size of each altar is 3' in length, 2' in height and 6" in depth.  Perfect size for personal prayer or for your family to join together around the altar each day.

    Mission Style altar handmade out of solid oak.



Below is one of our Colonial style altars handmade out of quality solid oak wood.  Each altar is stunning and will not only look beautiful in your home but will be a witness to every visitor that comes to your home of your faith in God and sincerity in prayer.


This is our Colonial Style in solid walnut wood.  The grain is absolutely beautiful on the walnut altars and will look beautiful in your home.

This is the Colonial Style made with solid pine wood.  The are beautiful and yet the most inexpensive altar we sell.

Family Altars are great ideas for wedding presents.  The couple can use the altar for prayer during the wedding ceremony and then take it home to continue prayer in their new life together.

The altars are also wonderful to give in memory for funerals.  It will be a gift they will appreciate during a very hard time and for many years to come.

This is our new Shaker Style in solid cherry. The simple style if elegant and will look beautiful in your home.  The Shaker style is also beautiful in oak and walnut.

This is our new Shaker Style in solid oak and will be a great addition to your home. You will cherish the time you and your family gather around it each day to pray.
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