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Possibly the most important piece of furniture in your home.
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   One of our Family Altars will make a vast difference in your prayer life!!!  All through the Bible men and women are found kneeling at altars to get in touch with God and we know it still happens today.  Many people kneel in their homes at a chair, table, or bedside but you will find something very special as you kneel in your home at an altar.  You can now have a place that is sacred in your home to pray.  The Family Altar is a wonderful place for you and your family to begin and end each day. The family that prays together - stays together.  

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Do you know someone who is struggling in life? Hurting? Depressed? Grieving?
Heartbroken? A family that is dealing with sickness or terminal illness?

Give them a Family Altar as a gift and you will be leading them to the One who can meet their needs and give them hope as they pray at their Family Altar!

More about the Family Altars...

   Each altar is 36" in length, 24" in height and 6" in width and is handmade in Kentucky by only the most skilled Amish craftsmen.  As each altar is being built, our craftsmen pray for the family that will be receiving the Family Altar.  We then pray over each Family Altar before it is shipped asking God to bless the family physically, financially, mentally and spiritually.

***Family Altars make great Christmas Gifts!!! 
Give a gift they will use everyday for the rest of their lives!!!

Prices starting at only $89.00 for a life changing Amish handmade Family Altar.
See pricing page for more prices on different wood options.
Use our contact page to contact us today or call  1-866-784-2858 EXT. 222 or email us at:


 A Family Altar will alter your family!

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Family Altars are great ideas for wedding presents.  The couple can use the altar for prayer during the wedding ceremony and then take it home to continue prayer in their new life together.

The altars are also wonderful to give in memory for funerals.  It will be a gift they will appreciate during a very hard time and for many years to come.


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